Assembly Now

Assembly Now examines what it feels like to be inside the image.

It is both an in-gallery participatory installation and a virtual interactive experience.

Assembly Now [onsite] uses the literal reflection of the audience’s image, combined with randomised spoken word and sound design interconnected with lighting effects, to reflect on the age of ubiquitous photography from selfie culture, and surveillance capitalism, to facial recognition and eye tracking. Emotion analytics software used in neuro-marketing and image recognition is a blend of psychology and technology - capturing data on expression, to assume correlations in mood determined by machine learning.

Assembly Now [online] uses the interface of the mirror via the participant’s own computer screens to elaborate the psychology and technology of emergent algorithmic software, which functions as a contemporary screen filtering our emotions. Simulating and expanding the physical installation, participants in the online version will be immersed in a work that plays with perception, interactivity and unexpected encounters - including the viewer’s own reflection captured and integrated within the artwork.

Exhibition commissioned to inaugurate Metro Arts’ new main gallery at West Village, as part of Brisbane Festival 2020. Online experience supported with funding from the Resilience Fund, Australia Council for the Arts.

A discussion between Sally Golding and writer and researcher, Kate Warren, about Assembly Now, can be read here.


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category: Art

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published on 10 Oct 2020