Intra Protocol

Intra Protocol is an installation-performance which occupies and enlivens the audiovisual systems of the cinema. In conversation with the broader context of expanded cinema, the piece sets out to interrogate the technical apparatus of a contemporary digital cinema environment. Manipulating the elements of projection, speaker arrays, and lighting rigs as a form of experimental audiovisual composition. We consider this to be a practise of ‘social architecture’, thinking about the cinema as a constructed environment that shapes and conditions our behaviours and responses. This peice moves between traditional cinematic space and the ‘microcinema’ of personal devices. The composition is a communication protocol, or a script, for a new cinematic interface.

From club-like sound system bass tones and beats, to the monument of the screen glowing with LED sound sensitive lights, to frenzied colour fields and a distributed synthesizer on the audience’s own mobile phone devices – Intra Protocol plays with anticipation in an unexpected ‘happening’ to use the theatre itself as a creative tool.

Conceived to accompany the Australian Centre for the Moving Image’s exhibition Light: Works from Tate’s Collection, and programmed by Liquid Architecture in responses to Lis Rhodes’ influential film installation, Light Music (1975), for a live performance and screening event.

Intra Protocol was created and realised by Sally Golding & Matt Spendlove.

It was originally performed at ACMI in Melbourne by Sally and subsequently at Gray Area in San Francisco by Matt.

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category: Art

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published on 15 Oct 2022